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NCS Intergalactic Outpost


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Classic Space: one of the most influential and successful LEGO themes ever, is celebrated through this tribute model. This model will bring you back to your childhood, or share one of the most nostalgic LEGO themes ever with the new generation.

  • LL-928 Galaxy Explorer
  • LL-527 Moon Hopper
  • Lunar Outpost
  • Planetary Exploration Rover
  • Equipment Transport Rover
  • 7 minifigures
  • Various crates and barrels
  • Various handheld equipment

LL-928 Galaxy Explorer
This is a redesign of the classic of classic spaceships. It contains 1549 pieces, and has features such as an opening cockpit, a removable second canopy, folding landing gear, and opening cargo doors. 

This is a space-base which is loosely based off the lunar bases found in the Classic Space era. It has an opening front airlock, removable roof and back wall, and details such as computers and a bunk bed (I guess they take turns sleeping on the floor). This submodel contains 855 pieces.

What is it?
This model is basically a summary of what Classic Space was. Spaceships, rovers, moon bases, and colourful astronauts. All of these have been selected for this model, and rebuilt completely to a higher level of detail and complexity. Just to be clear: this is not the return of Classic Space, but is a tribute to the classic theme we all know and love. 

Why did I build it?
I built this because I was inspired by Peter Reid's MOCs, which always impressed me with the level of detail he puts into them. I thought that models of this nostalgic caliber deserved to be official LEGO sets, so I designed a few of my own, brought them all together, and here is the result! 

Why would this be a great LEGO set?
This would make a great LEGO set for a great many people for a great number of reasons. Anyone who grew up in the 80s with LEGO will have obtained several Classic Space sets, and this potential set will return their childhood nostalgia to them. This set would also share the aspects of the original Classic Space with a new generation, which makes it influential over 40 years! I think that's pretty cool. Lastly, this set provides a great building experience, with advanced techniques and SNOT dominating the construction. Anyone looking for a challenge or something different should look to this, as the 2975 pieces and highly greebled, detailed submodels will provide sufficient building entertainment for almost everybody. I know I'd certainly enjoy building something like this!

Overall, this would be a fantastic set to summarise the 18 years of one of the greatest themes in LEGO history. Everybody is able to appreciate multiple aspects of this set, and it would make a great model on any collector's shelf, but is also very 'swooshable'.

Please comment on what you like/what you don't like (hopefully the former being more abundant.😉)

Please don't underestimate the influence you can have on this. Every single support counts! Imagine if the person you contacted about this was the one who brought this over that fine line from fantasy to reality! Together, we will attempt to bring this to the real world! Please support and share on social media, and we'll get there. Thanks for your support, and I appreciate any assistance you're providing.