Product Idea

Totoro Brickheadz Collection

Welcome to the world of Miyazaki!

From the famous Japanese animation family movie, released in 1993, comes this accurate representation of the main characters in brickhead form! The build, containing 716, depicts Satsuki (left), Mei (middle), and Totoro (right). This is supposed to show the bus-stop scene that is well known in the movie. This was built and rendered in, so here is the link to the 3D model.

Why do I think that this should become a LEGO set?

First of all, I am a big fan of the Totoro movie. I also like to build custom brickheadz when I have the time. That is why I chose to create the most famous scene in brickhead form. I think that people who have watched the movie would want to support this idea because it shows the main characters and some cool things from the movie.

Satsuki holds an umbrella and wears the same dress as in the bus-stop scene, featured in the movie. From her uncontrolled hair to her blue boots, this version of her repersents what she looked like in her main outfit in the movie.

Mei, Satsuki's younger sister, is built of around 100 pieces and holds a shiny acorn. I included the acorn because in the movie she searches and finds many acorns, and has a large collection. She is wearing her dark pink dress as seen in most of the film.

The last character, but not the least, is Totoro. The gentle forest spirit, with his large size, fits perfectly with this collection. He has his leaf as his hat, and his eyes point to the right as shown in the movie. I also included his whiskers, and his tall ears. His ears are made from the piece 27257, which is a spear element. I tried to find the right piece for his cross stripes on his chest, so I decided to use the new heart piece. 

I hope this build encourages some of the Totoro lovers out there to support this project idea. If you have any good suggestions, please leave them in the comments below, and I might consider making an update. Please support this idea and share it, so it can reach the needed 10,000 supporters. 10,000 does seem like a large sum of supporters, but with your support anything can happen!

A fellow Lego builder,