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The Dark Knight Vehicle Collection


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This is my first project submission. I worked really hard so please support!

I have vehicles from each of the three films. From Batman Begins, we have the Tumbler. This can fit one minifigure. I will update later with better weapon systems and other improvements.

Number two is the Batpod from the Dark Knight, which is a specialized escape pod made for the Tumbler, made from the car's front wheels. The Batpod here has two frontal guns, and has room for one minifigure, lying down.

Number three is the Bat from the Dark Knight Rises. It has sufficiently more power than the other two. Mine has six frontal laser cannons, a specialized opening cockpit, and rotating wings. Unlike the other two, this one can fit two mini figures.

My YouTube channel has a review of this set, plus other fun Lego things. Here is the link:

Thank you to everyone who supports this project. It means so much to me. Let's hope we get to that 10000 mark!

Thank you everyone!

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