Frank Lloyd Wright's Masieri Memorial

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This is a proposal for a new Lego Architecture set: the Masieri Memorial, a Frank Lloyd Wright building project in Venice, Italy.

The story:

Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned to design this residence in Venice in 1951 by Angelo and Savina Masieri. Angelo, a young Italian man from Udine, admired Wright’s work, and he asked the American architect to design a house for himself and his wife in place of a vernacular house they owned along the Grand Canal. In the summer of 1952, Angelo Masieri died in an automobile accident in the United States, as he and his wife traveled to discuss the project with Wright. Upon her return to Italy, Savina Masieri wrote Wright with the news and asked that he continue with the project under different circumstances.

The project:

Wright designed a four-story residence and library for architecture students at the Istituto Universario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV) according to Savina Masieri’s wishes. The building was to serve a social purpose as well as function as the seat of a foundation in Angelo’s honor, the Fondazione Masieri. Traditionalists and modernists argued whether contemporary architecture was appropriate for the historic waterway through Venice. Unfortunately City officials in Venice ultimately rejected the project on the grounds that Wright’s design was aesthetically incompatible with the surrounding architectural environment. Finally this project was never built.

The model:

It was really challenging to adapt this building in a scale small enough for Lego Architecture style, because of subtil various overhangs of balconys and windows in the main facade over water. Moreover this building has a triangular floor plan shape. To determine the scale, I considered each vertical bay would be two studs wide. At this scale, the difference of depth between successive overhangs is 1/2 stud.

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