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Star Wars Battlefront Endor Cargo Mission


This project took a long time to build but it was worth it and it has turned out very well in my opinion. I think this will be a very popular set because only one Endor set was released and it has no storm trooper base.

this set was a great idea in my opinion and will definitely sell very quickly. It is also a good model set of Endor and I think everyone will want this set. They will want the set for the people, the tree area, and the whole indoor imperial base area. Also you can set up the set so that each team must grab the cargo and bring it Bach to their teams side. The players can also use a series of power ups such as the smart rocket, barrage and jump packs. 

You can customize this set any way that you want to fit your way of playing too. You could make them switch sides and you can make them jump with the clear pieces included in the set. 

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