Product Idea

Island Turtle

Sailors have told stories of finding an island paradaise that is not located on any map.  They soon leave the island and tell others about the island they have found; however, when they try to return to the island, the island has vanished.  That is because it was not an ordinary island, but an Island Turtle!

An Island Turtle is a massive tutle with plant life and sometimes even wildlife living off of the back of its shell.  Most of the time, only the top of its shell floats above the water so no one sees the actual turtle within.  It never completely submerges underwater, thus allowing plants and animals to live on its shell.  Their are even some reports of the Island Turtle being able to use its massive flippers for flight, thus becoming a floating island as well.

This set has a movable head with a mouth that opens.  All four flippers and its tail also moves. The top of the shell has sand red lego pieces around the edges represent the beach and to show how far the Island Turtle submerges underwater to hide its body.

I designed this set based off a couple of stories I read about vanishing islands.  I think people will enjoy this set because they can imagine their own stories about vanishing islands using this set and different adventures on how to find out where the island has gone.