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Flash Gordon Ming's Palace and Sky City Microscale


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This build is exactly 2000 pieces, via 900 on the Sky City and 1100 on Ming's palace. These are not exact model duplicates of each, as I did the best I could with what few long distance views I could find of each of the two cities. I simply used my own ideas to fill in what I could not see. 

This is very simply a microscale build of Ming's palace located on the fictional planet Mongo from the legendary Flash Gordon science fiction series built on an octagon base plate design at 24 studs wide. As well as Hawkmen Sky City, built on a clear blue pedastal with the clouds underneath.

Flash Gordon was first a comic series dating back to 1934. And of course in time like most stories Flash Gordon transitioned to the big screen there after.

Note the small details of the side of the mountian on two different layers and levels on which the palace was built on top of, as well as the space tram systems again on two different level. There are four trams on the rail system, all different colors being yellow, blue, green, and purple. It is basically a futuristic transit system. The four trams are the only things on Ming's palace which are not brown, red, black, or gold, very much like the palace and cliff face in the film. All four can be seen in the lead photo. 

I think this would be a nice addition to any Lego science fiction collection and its primary red, gold, and blue color patterns would be eye catching to say the least.

I also think if the Saturn rocket can list at 120 retail with almost 2000 pieces, no reason this set would not be priced at around 100 dollars, hence the smaller less costly pieces. Or 60 and 40 each if sold seperately. That ofcourse would be Lego's call if by chance it makes it that far. That is up to all of you voters and you can make it happen by simply clicking the blue support button on the right side of the page, thanks as always.

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