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Modular Winter Toy Shop


Hello everybody,

Santa, in his Workshop (10245), has decided that he needed a new sales branch, other than the Winter Toy Shop (10249), in the Winter Village. Thus, he went speaking with the City Mayor at the Town Hall (10224), who offered him one of the next empty plots of land at Modular Street. And this project is the outcome; therefore, I am very pleased to present you the

Modular Winter Toy Shop.

Using some of the distinctive elements of the Winter Toy Shop (door, windows, gable, tower, lamps), these were adapted (2 doors placed over the diagonal, wider windows, bigger gables, etc.) to create a modular building, which is composed by two floors connected through a curved stair. 

Fortunately, the sales manager realized that sales were markedly seasonal and that Santa's toys were not enough to occupy the two floors. Therefore, he decided to sell toys from another brand and - guess what - he chose LEGO(TM); thus, the second floor is dedicated to LEGO toys (besides the sets, it presently displays an exhibition of some LEGO characters, including Star Wars ones). 


Please check all the photos to see the details of the project. And, by the way, the total piece count of this project is 2336 pcs.

If you like the design or the idea behind this project, please support and follow it. 


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