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Milan. The Vertical Forest

The idea
The project is inspired by Bosco Verticale, a complex of two residential tower buildings designed by Boeri Studio (Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra) and located in the Milan business center, on the edge of the Isola district.
This is an ambitious metropolitan reforestation project. The peculiarity of these buildings, both inaugurated in 2014, is the presence of more than two thousand tree species, including shrubs and tall trees, distributed on the façades. Thanks to the vegetation that filters the sun's rays, an optimal microclimate is created inside the Vertical Forest; the plants ensure the regulation of humidity, the absorption of carbon dioxide and fine dust as well as the production of oxygen. The vertical forest has also become the habitat of various animal species including birds and butterflies.
The Vertical Forest has been awarded the architectural recognition as "the most beautiful and innovative skyscraper in the world", according to a classification drawn up by the "Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat".

The project
The final idea is a five-story tower building. The apartments have different shapes and sizes and are equipped with large outdoor spaces that are real outdoor extensions of the living spaces, green rooms to be exploited in every season. Inside, the apartments are furnished in a modern style and are equipped with every comfort. Each single housing unit can be opened outwards through a system of multiple hinges that allows for high playability.
The façades of the building are characterized by a luxuriant green: trees, plants and shrubs of various types that are not only decorations, but also a sort of green cooling system.
Many plants, but also a lot of technology to improve the environmental sustainability of the building: various photovoltaic panels are positioned on the roof.
In addition to the beauty of the tower as an exhibit and its strong message based on the sustainability of the buildings, I would recommend this set for those who want to enrich their LEGO City with an original and innovative set.

- 5 minifigures, 1 dog, 1 cat;
- 2980 pieces;
- Dimensions: 33 x 37 x 44 cm.

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