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The Lego City Sports Arena


 This would make a great lego product as sport is extremely popular in our modern world and Lego city should not be any exception. This model could even be a starting point to a full collection of stadiums. People of all ages would love to build stadiums such as Wembley, Old trafford and Camp Nou. It also has a great opportunity to sell extra mini figures based players and teams.  

The Lego city sports arena is a multi purpose sports stadium. The stadium holds major football and rugby matches including Lego city and Duplo Town in this  highly competitive derby match. The stadium is located on the outskirts of Lego city meaning traffic is kept away from the city center on match days.  The stadium is based on the stunning Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough UK. Lego City's number 7, Pepper Roni will be  hitting many screaming in this ground.