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Mountain Retreat


This is the Mountain Retreat. I've been working on it many hours over the past year. I estimate it's about 2100 pieces. It's sort of Modular Building style although it cannot connect to other Modular Building sets. It has three floors, a garage, and a deck exterior. I have noticed that most Modular Building sets lack bedrooms and bathrooms, so I tried my best to create as many of those as possible in this project. The house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, two of the bathrooms have showers as well. I ran out of much needed space to make up for these extras. this is seen especially on the third floor where the bathroom is extremely cramped. I learned a lot about furniture. It's bulky, a lot of times you need to build it into the walls, and sometimes you have to try different wall designs besides bricks. I did had fun creating the furniture. On the bottom floor there is a fold down ping-pong table and on the top floor there is a slide-out bunk bed. The garage also has an interesting open and close function. The windows are built with an interesting side-ways building tecnique. I am overall very happy with the outcome of this project. It could be a home for a large family or a vacation getaway in the mountains. Overall it's very customizable and provides a great play experience. Thanks for the support! Please watch the video for more images:


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