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Half-Timbered European Farm House


This set is a representation of an old European farm house including a big herb garden in the front yard. 

Since dark brown is still a rare color, it's not possible to build a solid structure which would enable us to remove the roof for playing inside so my copy of that house does not contain any interior. However, with a few new parts in dark brown (such as 14719 Tile 2x2 Corner) I believe it would be easy to do so.

The set as it is shown on the pictures consists of approx. 1020 parts, including
- one Farmer Minifig with a Fedora hat (similar to set 7637)
- some chicken (Element ID 4624282 and 6063275, may be a rooster such as 6186221)
- a Chihuahua (Element ID 12888)
- a reddish brown base plate 32x32 (Element ID 6093974)
- a Trans-Yellow Brick 1x1 (Element ID 4227497, last used in 2004)

As you can see on one of the images, this house fits perfectly in any LEGO city, so please don't hesitate to support this project.

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