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Gravity GZ2 Aerodynamic


Around a year ago, I started building my own design LEGO cars under a fictional brand I named Gravity. As I hope to become a car designer one day, I thought it would be best to start at a young age, and build my skills up over time.

I think it is time LEGO produced some new cars of this scale, and I think Gravity is the perfect fictional brand for the job!

This is my latest model Gravity, the GZ2 Aerodynamic, the design is inspired by modern jet fighter planes!
This model is approximately 1/17th scale.

Functions on this model:
- Opening butterfly doors
- Opening engine cover, revealing V10 engine
- Opening trunk

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The working of this model are pretty simple, the wheels are all on separate axles, and the body is simply built out of standard LEGO pieces.

Here you can see the V10 engine.

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