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Stylish Car


This is one of my all-time favourite designs. It's really simple and rather elegant, so I've rebuilt it multiple times over the years- any time I make a modern setup (as opposed to medieval, which also features highly in my builds), this car just turns up.

It's got no windscreen because that just makes it look cramped; this way, it looks cheerful and open.

I've only ever built it in white, because of my lack of pieces to work with, but I'd love to see it in other colours, like red or black.

It's got all sorts of cool features, such as a hidden computer in the back, a compartment behind the seat (perfect for a revolver), and a unique wheel design (or rather, I've never seen that design before, so I'm either a genius or crazy). It's quick and simple to build, and the controls can be replaced by all sorts of pieces that shape. I just used what was to hand at the time.

The wheel is a motorbike tyre over a smaller tyre, thus making narrow but tall wheels.

I'd be overjoyed if this car were to actually make it to the shelves; I just felt like sharing it with fellow builders.

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