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Yubaba's Bath House


Spirited Away became an instant classic when it hit theaters in 2001, becoming the highest grossing movie in Japanese history, the highest rated traditionally animated movie according to Metacritic, and being the only animated film to win an academy award.  Many will recognize this film as the one that expanded their horizon, introducing them to Japanese animation and the world of Studio Ghibli.

Nothing has provoked more sheer creativity and wonder than this film and, what is more central and more recognizable from the film than the bath house in which it takes place?  During the movie, there are several, tantalizing shots where we see bits and pieces of the gigantic bath house, without ever really getting a full glimpse of it.  That is why I thought a Lego model for the bath house would be a perfect way to see the entire thing in all its glory, while giving the creator a chance to know it inside and out - by building it themselves.

While the model is a micro-scale model, I tried my best to add in every small detail I could, using stills from the movie as my springboard.  In addition to the detailed bath house itself, I've also included a little bit of the village it is connected to as well as the train and sea seen later in the movie.  I believe this makes it look more grounded than floating aimlessly in space, and as though one literally pulled it from the world of Spirited Away.

I hope you love it as much as I do!  If you're a Studio Ghibli fan, I recommend checking out my page.  There might be a bit more there you would be interested in. ;)