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Watchdog TK1300


Watchdog TK1300

The concept behind the design of the Watchdog TK1300 is that it is a futuristic mobile sentry and equipment transporter for engineers in combat or exploration missions.  The robot carries the tools and weapons needed for the engineers to get the mission done and it also provides ample security for the workers so that they can work in relative safety.  The robot can also help the engineers in the actual work of the project itself if needed. 

The Watchdog TK1300 is fully posable and it is equipped with four firing missiles, a machine gun, a canon, two smaller dual cannons, and a flashlight attached to it's arms.  The robot also has a fully rotating satellite dish. Inside the cab of the robot is a highly sophisticated control center for a single operator that includes computers, controls, gauges, and surveillance equipment.  The robot carries a total of thirty-nine mini figure accessories.  The robot carries seven mini figure weapons that include: a bazooka, a sniper rifle, two shotguns, two pistols, and a knife.  The robot also carries twenty-eight tools for the mission of the engineers that include: two sticks of dynamite, two satellite phones, two chains, four flashlights (two styles), a mining pickaxe, a handheld saw, a crowbar, a power drill, an oil can, a fire extinguisher, a jackhammer, a metal detector, a megaphone, a wrench, a fireman's axe, a shovel, a hammer, a closed end wrench, a screwdriver/spanner, a camera, a toolbox, and a pair of prismatic binoculars.  The robot also carries for the mini figures: a day pack, an air tank, and two pairs of handcuffs. 

I would love to create a variety of robots to join the Watchdog TK1300 that could be a part of a LEGO Space theme. At this point, I will see how this one goes first. Thank you to all that support this project and a special thank you to my oldest son Troy for inspiring me.

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