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Magpie One


<font><font>  </font></font> A fully functional model of a jet plane with a mechanism in the fuselage of the aircraft cabin locks and prevents its opening,with wheels that retracts into the fuselage plain.Model itself is authentic because it is not founded on the concept of any plane or any plane is taken as a concept that this model was made, but the creative vision of the creator.

As a boy I loved airplanes and flying, because I felt complete freedom when you find yourself among the clouds in the air.I do not remember exactly but I think I got the first Lego set 25 years ago by my aunt, and so was the one great love and passion. The possibility that I can make any toy I'd wished,created in me great joy and excitement.Like as every child on this planet,imagination knew no bounds and Lego have enabled me to part of the fantasy transform into reality.Today,like a proud parent of two minor boys ages 5 and 7 years old, who have encouraged me to make this model, I made a plane from lego to show them that there are no limits when it comes to imagination and that you can all do with love, desire and will.

I believe that this model and the idea would be a great lego set because it was not created with the intention to promote.It's create like a motivation for children to be more creative and to express their skills to the various ways.

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