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~Antique Globe~


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I’m presenting to you my Lego Globe. Globes are among the most ancient scientific instruments known, and their history extends more than a thousand years. Celestial Globes were utilized as navigational tools by travelers long before the terrestrial globe arose. The ancient Greeks are credited for originating the first globes to render the surface of Earth. Traditionally, globes were constructed by gluing a printed paper map onto a sphere, often formed from wood. Today, globes are still being devised for both decoration and education.

This model resembles an iconic antique Globe with a vintage wood stand and a reasonably realistic planet Earth. The model features smalls decorations around the top of the stand, and throughout the meridian to enhance the model. On each side of the base, you can see instruments, maps, and other brick built decorations for an authentic appeal. The model’s dimensions: 5½ inches wide, 7½ inches tall, and 4½ inches deep.

I believe this project provides a pleasing, and relaxing build and would be an excellent piece to add to your office space, classrooms, family rooms, living rooms, etc. To conclude, I thank you for taking the time to look at my model, and furthermore, I thank you for the comments that you provide! I hope for your support, and I wish for many more friends just like you to help me make it to the 10,000 votes. My dream is for you and many more people to get the opportunity to one day build and display this model. Thank you!

 Sincerely, JJideas

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