Product Idea

Town Construction


I love seeing a building site evolve step by step, when I was a child, I spent long hours looking at them to see the complexity of the metallic reinforcements and the ingenuity of the workers to make the formwork of the walls, beams, poles, lintels, stairs and slabbing.

Construction cranes have become indispensable for maneuvering shuttering panels, concrete bucket and all other heavy loads.

In creating this project, I wanted it to be as realistic as possible while keeping the possibility for children to play with the elements that have real functions.




Building under construction prohibited to the public and surrounded by security barriers, built on a base of 72 x 64 studs, modular by removing the left part of 8 x 32 studs.


  • Construction crane with real functions:

The cabin opens to set up the crane operator.

Elevation / lowering of the load with a crank.

Positioning of the load.

Rotates 360 °.

Removable and adjustable counterweights.


  • Fully equipped construction bungalow for workers' meals.


  • Container with opening doors for storing equipment and tools.


  •  WC of construction site.


  • Concrete mixer with real fontions:

The bowl rotates 360 °.

Emptying the bowl with the steering wheel.

Retractable legs and pull bar.


  • Tank of drinking water and many pallets of various materials for construction.


Number of pieces  with minifigs : 2974

minifigs : 8

This model was built using LEGO digital designer.


If you are a passionate about of any construction type then Town construction is for you.


Thank you in advance to all those who will support this project.


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