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Shadow Dragon


Hi everyone !

Dragons, dragons, dragons...we'll never have enough dragons :)

I wanted to build a fearsome and scary dragon, but still beautiful and elegant. So I imagined my dragon to be in the colortone of the old monsters movies, and with the look of the gothic era. For its eyes, I first chose light blue color, but it made it looked a bit like Game Of Thrones undead dragon (even if I loved that show, I didn't want to copy Icy Viserion). So I changed its eye color for fire orange. And with hindsights, I think that fire orange is way better, for it gives my Shadow Dragon more heat and more fearlessness.

I truly wish for a LEGO dragon theme in a near future.

If you love dragons and other mythical creatures as much as I do, please hit the blue SUPPORT button, and if we are lucky enough, we'll reach the 10,000 supporters needed and maybe see this Shadow Dragon get an official LEGO IDEAS set :) 

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,