Product Idea

Microscale Pool

This came randomly, as usual. This is my only microscale project I've made that comes with a tiny person. This has 6 blue stained clear pieces for the water. This pool also has a diving board. I used gray pieces like concrete like a real pool. The person's blue swim shorts are clear, but that makes it look better to me. This only has 18 pieces, but still has some playability. If this got turned into a real Lego set, it would probably be one of the Lego sets that comes in a bag, but there will be updates that will change that. If you like the pool, or like this for some random reason, please support!


P.S. Are there any suggestions on what to build? If so, leave a comment on this or any of my project saying what you would like me to build. I will reply to you saying if I can build it or not.