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Rail Speeder


Rail Speeder

In the world of trains there are many different types from freight trains to steam trains and all used for different purposes. The design of the rail speeder originated from the old pump car or handcar that was manually driven up and down railways from as early as the 1840's. The pump cars were essential to railroads when they became the primary form of public transport for people.

It was from 1896 that the "Speeder" started to be introduced. The rail speeder was a way of transport for workers on the rails to get from one work site to another quickly. The original rail speeders were unpowered but later on became fully functional as maintenance cars and could travel long distances.

Smaller trains and single units are not well known and have never been represented in Lego form. I have been inspired to build my own representation of a rail speeder after watching a TV programme where they found an old rail speeder in an abandoned storage unit and took it to an expert who explained its history.

I have always loved Lego trains and would love to see a piece of history come to life in Lego form. This model consists of 88 pieces and runs unpowered on 9V and power functions official Lego rails. This model seats one Mini figure and uses both old and new pieces but has lots of potential for a real Lego product.

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