Galactic Law - Mk. 3 V. 89.6 "Star Stealer"

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Hey! Yes, I know this one has taken a while to get sent, but I've been busy!
Anyway, look at it!
This is the first bad guy vehicle for my Galactic Law series. And you better enjoy the nice sleek design of the main body section (other than the turret piece sticking up. But then again, that was on purpose!) because...well let's just say, when you get to one of the later pictures, you'll find out.
Just anyone was wondering: No, it was not intentional that main color of this ship is the same as Brenton Spear. So don't think it! After deciding about the main and secondary colors, I knew I wanted a somewhat strange color for the windshields, then I found the trans-pink. Which, if you ask me (:D), looks great!
Oh, and in case someone else was thinking this: No, I did not get my inspiration for the wings from the "Klingon Bird of Prey". It just happens to look similar! (I've got to stop making things that look like other things). I don't know, maybe it's just me. Enough blabbering, on to the next picture!

Ok, so this is essentially a rear picture.
This picture is here to mainly show the back turret. And (I guess) the backs of the engines if your interested in that. Because of the types of wings this vehicle has, I decided to throw in a clear stand. Now, I didn't place in picture of the underside (because I ran out of allowed pictures), but know that there are two "repulsion generators" on the bottom side. (The look exactly the same as the ones on the underside of the wings of the other GL project [the Hunter Class] except the transparent piece is the same color as the flames coming out of the engines [for this project]). If that confused you, don't worry. Just read it a few more times until you get it. ;)

Alright, this is why I say that you need to appreciate my design. See that thing on the left? That was the old body design. Oh my goodness, I couldn't stand it! I looked at it, and looked at it, and I was like "I can't do this...this just looks horrible!" It wasn't at all what I had envisioned. So, I went back to the drawing board. I completely redesigned the turret, raised the connection points for the wings, and changed the main cockpit around as well. Interestingly enough, thanks to the new designs, I had to change my "pilot" and "gunner" figures around. So the guy you see driving, he was the gunner in the other one and vise versa. And of course, I'm much more happy with the second design. As for that old one, I never even made the wings, what you see is exactly what I had when I decided that it was time for a re-haul. But as for the new one, if you look behind the pilot, there are two crate pieces for holding whatever it is that they stole. Speaking of which (as this might be important to know), the roof is designed to be easily detached. Those six studs in the back of the main cockpit area are the only things that hold it on.

I don't know, I just thought it looked so cool from the top!
Before I forget, here's the weapons!

2x fixed front facing 40mm cannons with armor piercing rounds.

2x turret mounted 40mm cannons with armor piercing rounds. Turret does not have well turning radius (*cough* hint hint *cough* Come one Galactic officers, are you picking up what I'm throwing down?)

2x duel split heat seeking rockets.

Ok, I'm sure your asking what a "duel split" rocket is. Well I'll tell you: It's a type of rocket that I just made up that when fired (in "reality") separates into two smaller, identical missiles.
When you "play" with it, all you really do is flick the flick missile and watch it go. Or you can more roleplay with it and "shoot" the missile, than pull the two separate missiles apart. It's kind of obvious to see where you are supposed to pull them out.

Finally, here's a picture of the minifigs. One on the left is the pilot, one on the left is the rear gunner. If your seeing doubles, don't worry, it's not your eyes! It's just the same figure from the back so you can see the rear print. Now, if this was a set, of course the eyes would be painted another color. I think just black would work well for the gunner, but maybe more like a crimson for the pilot.
Well, that's about it. Thanks for looking and support.