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British Rail's / Evening Star Steam Locomotive

This is a model of the famous steam locomotive, the "Evening Star". She was the last steam locomotive to be built for the British Railway at the Swindon Rail Works. I have tried to replicate her as best as possible to my standards of design. The only things that's missing from this model is the stickers for the name plats, the number plats on the cab and the window bricks don't come in the green I've used for the model.

This is a 1/38 scale model of the real evening star steam locomotive. This is one of the pictures I used to create my model of Evening Star.

This model took me about 3 weeks to design and contains 657 bricks. I would guess that the model would cost about £40-£50. The model has a size of 49 studs long, 9 studs wide and 11 studs high (on the track). This particular model has a basic cab interior, functional driving wheels and pistons, 2 pivot points at the front leading and at the joining point between the tender and the cab. You can remove the rear buffers and one mid-stone grey 1x2 plate brick to add in a magnetic buffer for the model to pull coaches, coal trucks, etc.

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