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Winter Village Town Hall

This is a model of a town hall in the style of the LEGO Winter Village series. I have tried my best to imitate the colour schemes and styles of the other Winter Village sets. The building's exterior has as much detail as possible with a staircase to the door, relief in the walls and cosy looking windows. The interior consists of a basement, a main hall, where wedding ceremonies are held, an upper floor where the mayor has his office, and a clock tower.
There is a wedding ceremony going on, hence the married couple in front of the door, the photographer at the bottom of the stairs and the carriage in front of the building. The set would have 5 minifigures: the groom, the bride, the man who drives the carriage, the mayor and the wedding photographer.

I made this set, because I believe a village cannot exist without a town hall. I therefore thought that it was time that the LEGO Winter Village got its own town hall and that is why I set out to make this set.

I think this model would make for a good set, because it fits neatly with the other Winter Village sets. It is relatively small (about 900 pieces) and would therefore not be too expensive. I hope that this idea makes it to 10,000 votes, so that this model can become a real LEGO set. So please vote and if you want to see more ideas of mine check out my user page.

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