Product Idea

Infinity Cube


Hello, all lego fans! This is my first lego idea without any technic pieces! I'm usually focused on building technic designs, but I've decided to make something out of lego bricks this time. I got this idea from a birthday present from a friend, my very own Infinity cube.  

What is the Infinity cube?

The Infinity cube is a fidget toy used to relieve stress and anxiety. Since I found so much fun out of playing with the real thing, I decided to make my very own out of legos. While it may have taken me a long time to find all the right pieces, I was happy with the end product.

What makes this unique compared to other lego Infinity cubes? 

I am well aware that plenty of YouTubers have created tutorials on lego infinity cubes. However, for my design, I've used different bricks to add more detail to it. Not only that but, I've included a labeled stand for the infinity cube. Also, I feel the colors and pieces I used for this cube make it have a robotic or modular feel to it. 


Here's a video of the cube of action, I think it'll explain to you why it's called an infinity cube! :)  Also, don't forget to turn on the sound for the upbeat background music!