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Old West Bandit Breakout


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I have worked on an old western town for only a couple of months. It contains soldiers guarding the jail and they came back after the bandits are about to get away and steel the colonials ride.  There is one things that are missing which happen to be the design of the colonials hats, the soldier, colonial uniforms and the Jail sign for the Jail house. I have planned on making a much better western town but I will start out with this smaller version and start out making it more affordable and easier to by at first.  

The reason why I built this project was because I wanted to bring back the old western kits after they have never came back on sale ever since they were selling in the late 80's and 90's. Except when the Lone Ranger movie came out a couple years ago and hopefully they will come up with more exiting western movies to make Legos for.  The main reason why I enjoy making western sets is because of the action and adventures you can create with these sets.  The bandit and his gang planing their escape from the jail, old western shoot outs verses the cowboy and the sheriffs, bandits stealing from the mines even getting to know the Native Americans is all the fun and adventure and thrills in the Wild Wild West.




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