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Oni Geisha

My model is inspired by Japanese traditional culture and it's a geisha mask.
Its jaw is movable and connected to eyes and two little horns located on its forehead. Try to push a handle located on the back of the stand and you see the jaw moving down, eyes opening and horns setting up. Then if you pull the jaw up and block it with the same handle, the eyes and horns will get hidden again.
The mask is 41 centimeters high (46 if placed on a stand) and 31 centimeters wide.

I built this set because I love Japanese culture, both modern and traditional. Some time ago I watched a  documental movie about the people in Japan. Once they started talking about geishas an idea appeared in my mind - that I should build a geisha mask of my LEGO bricks. Later I have second thought - the Oni, Japanese demon. Why not join these two ideas?
And that's how it started.
I think my set is very eye-catching, looks great exposed on a shelf or a desk and has an original look in the therms of the LEGO World, so it may seem an interesting choice to the customers.
I must add here that building it brought me a lot of joy and pleasure and I want to thank you for producing great bricks that have been giving me plenty of fun for about 25 years.

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