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Mythbusters is a popular show on discovery channel that features daredevils Adam Savage and Jamie Hynimen busting urban legends to see if they're true. Along with the rest of their team and a bomb squad, the mythbusters have done everything from swimming in ketchup to rolling a lego ball down a street (which I find ironic)!

Now they're being reborn into Lego form! You'l be able to act out many great myths and have fun with it!

If you're a mythbusters fan too, than suggest some set ideas to me!!

If you support, leave a message, and I'll support all of your projects.

UPDATE: Three new sets have replaced the old ones.

4-01: 75!

Can a horse pull out the bars of a wild west jail cell without hurting the people inside? Reenact the wild west special with Adam, Jamie, the Jail cell, prototype buster, a high speed camera, and a horse.

In this myth, the 3 junior mythbusters test if a rolling ball of our beloved LEGO BRICKS could become a massive ball of destruction. This is a fairly small set, including Tory, Kary, and Grant, plus the ball.

Chicken Gun
This is one of the most well known of the myths. This time the team tests which one will do more damage to a plane's windshield, a raw or cooked chicken? I created both a fairly oversized cannon with an attacable chicken ready to be launched to the windshield and a computer system for reading psi and force.
Statue Decapitation with a Bowler Hat
During the James Bond special, the junior mythbusters test out a scene from Goldfinger, the Bond film. Can a thrown bowler hat with metal lining really chop through a stone statue? To find out they come armed with a high speed camera and a statue (unfortunately not a bowler hat yet though)!

Thank you so much for all of the supports. I hope that they keep flooding in. Publicize this project and show that you love mythbusters like I do!

4-19-13, 3:38pm: Just hit exactly 300 views!
6-20-13, 12:25pm: 100 supporters! Wow! I can't thank all off you enough! Woohoo!

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