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The Great Bay


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This project is a recreation of the Great Bay area in the game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask where Link finds an unconscious zora named Mikau floating in the water. It includes a sandy beach, two palm trees, two umbrellas with five towels, a wooden sign, the water, the Gilded Sword, a shield and a zora guitar. The Minifigures include Link, Mikau and Zora Link.

This is the third project in a series of Majora's Mask projects that recreate the dungeon areas. As I have said with the other projects, this area is a dungeon area and so is important. Plus, what Zelda/LEGO fan would not want to have a Zelda set? I expect the cost of this to be around $30-$40, so a pretty fair price. As always, support and share this project and tell me of your own so you can be one support closer to 10,000. Thank you for your time, and goodbye!

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