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Sam's Hobbit Hole


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Explore Sam and Rosie Gamgee’s hobbit hole along with little Elanor and baby Frodo, two of their kids. Walk over the bridge and admire the river running under. Tend the animals and the vegetable garden. Enter through the round door and go into the small study to continue Frodo’s Red Book and look through old maps and books. Or go into the dining room and enjoy a second breakfast. Don't forget to check out the well-stocked pantry, an essential for any hobbit hole!

This would be a good addition to the Lord of the Rings theme because it would expand the LEGO Hobbiton. There is much playability in this set including opening doors and an easily removable roof to provide great access to the interior. Kids can have a great time setting up Sam in the study to continue the famous Red Book. Rosie can be cooking and feeding their kids from the strong wooden table. It would also include a couple unique minifigures: Rosie and Elanor. This set would provide great enjoyment to both kids and adults with it's great playability and unique minifigures.

I learned a great many new tips when creating this model and hope both kids and adults will too. Happy building!

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