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Dune Driver 700c


Update 0.1 Pullback Motor

So first update lets get into it.

I've added more features so Ill start with the best ones first.

- Pullback Motor: When i was digging through my lego, I found an old Lego pull back motor technic piece. I'm not sure what set it cane in (sorry lego fans). Please tell me if you know. It travels about 3 1/2 m but since the motor was meant for a small car and it is pretty old. Hope you like it!

- Adjustable Seats and Steering Wheel: I forgot to put this in the final description as I thought it was unnecessary but I gave it some thought and I just decided to include it. 

- Engine Gears and Detail: I changed out the cogs to the moving piston as they work a lot better and don't fall off. Also if you see behind the piston is a round wheel. Not sure what it's meant to be but it looks cool. I also made one of the wheels darker (and no it wasn't used because I couldn't find one of the same colour) to make it look like it was dirty from grease or oil.

- Headlights Edge: Finally I added some small details to the headlights. A very Small detail but I think it looks more finished.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this update and please support if yo want this to go on shelves. Anyway thanks for all the support.





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