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Just a Lonely Chicken Man


A lonely chicken man standing in a empty parking lot, that sounds like a pure quality LEGO set.

This model would make the best LEGO set with a smooth highly detailed parking lot, a car with a clever design, and a awesome chicken suit minifigure in which it all has!

I built this model using the software Lego Digital Designer and I used a total of 201 pieces (the parking lot being 176 pieces, the coop car being 21 pieces, and the chicken man being 4 pieces). I also used the software Microsoft Paint to edit the minifigure's face. This model is also not based on any intellectual property. 

The model features a chicken suit minifigure with a pretty plain design for a face. The model includes a highly detailed and smooth parking lot design that has two open studs for a minifigure to stand on, the rest of the parking lot is smooth so a car can park smoothly, the parking lot includes barriers and parking lot tape. The model also includes a small car with a clever chicken coop design to fit with the chicken suit minifigure.

Please support and follow this project.

And if any LEGO Ideas employee is seeing this then i will ensure you that this model does include more than a minifigure as you may see in the screenshots that there is a build for a parking lot and a vehicle that both are built with 197 pieces using LEGO Digital Designer, please publish this idea for the public to see and support.

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