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Pink Floyd


On July 21st 1990, just 8 months after the wall came down Pink Floyd gathered with many talented artist for The wall Live in Berlin. Perhaps the most significant concerts of all times for obvious reasons.

This build represents 3 of their albums.

1. The Wall released on November 30th 1979, later made into a film in 1982.

2. Animal released on January 23rd 1977 hence the industry scene top right with the smog and pig on the wing. 

3. Dark side of the moon released on March 1st 1973, reperesented by the black pyramid and beam of light and rainbow spectrum on the other side.

The original band is as follows from left to right in images number 11 and 12.

1.Nick Mason drums.

2. Roger Waters bass guitar and vocals.

3. The late Syd Barrett who passed of cancer in 2005 lead vocals and lead guitar.

4. David Gilmour replaced Syd Barrett later.

5. Richard Wright on vocals and piano/keyboard.

I hope you like this build at 1814 pieces, as I would think it would be well recieved with Pink Floyd fans, which number in the millions worldwide. A truly iconic band for the ages. Thanks as always and have a great new year!

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