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Black Square (Supermatist Triptych)

For over a hundred years now, “Black Square” is one of the most famous, talked about and provocative paintings in the world!

"In global art history, there are few paintings with louder fame than "Black Square" by Kazimir Malevich, few works that inspired so many other creations, few artifacts with such enduring relevance."

Suprematism is a movement that has become the foundation for constant experiments for every Creative Person . Suprematist canvases and sculptures are combinations of colors and planes in basic geometric shapes that can be safely called some of the first 2D and 3D construction sets.

This set is part of the standard line of LEGO ART sets - 50x50 studs (42x42cm), but is defined by in a variety of elements that form the image and its texture. It includes 1100 pieces from which you can assemble any of the three outstanding works by Kazimir Malevich - "Black Square", "Black Cross" and "Black Circle" which make up the Supermatic Triptych.

We offer you to boldly experiment and translate plane into relief, brushstroke into brick. Dare to give a fresh look to the famous images by bringing together the fundamental creative discoveries of the 20th century - the LEGO building bricks and the paintings of the Avant-garde…

Feel yourself in the creative flow while enjoying the process of combining a multitude of monochromatic pixels/brush strokes into perfect geometric silhouettes. Walk the path of the romantic and revolutionary artist! In assembling foundational figures from a mass of familiar and beloved elements, continue the search for new inspiration and discoveries in the world of Forms and Ideas!

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