Product Idea

Portal 2 Chamber

Say hello to the Lego Portal 2 Chamber! This chamber is very detailed and very open to allow easy access. This set only has one wall, but it is an important one. Not only does it supply a background to this amazing build, but it includes the exit door to the test chamber (which does not open) and leaves covering the wall to add more great, necessary detail to give the full Portal experience. Also in this fantastic set are floor panels that are raised out of the ground that are broken, out of place, and covered with moss. And on the ground is the brown liquid that flows through gaps in the floor. In Portal, this liquid is lethal, so try to avoid it (haha). 

Included in this build are Chell, the girl from Portal; a cube; a cube button; a hand-activated button; and best of all, the Turret. Every Portal fan loves the Turret. Chell also carries her famous Portal Gun.

This is a great set to play and have fun with, or just put it up on display! Please help me reach 10,000 so that the Portal Series can be put in stores and enjoyed all over the world!