Product Idea

Lego Godzilla Project

New Minifigures


new minifigures are

  • Destoroyah
  • Gigan
  • Godzilla Jr
  • Rodan

hope like these new minifigures and please support.

Introducing King Ghidorah


Look who's come to the party, King Ghidorah is here to cause mayhem in the city but Godzilla is here to stop him. 

King Ghidorah minifigure includes 

  • three fully poseable heads
  • poseable legs
  • two fully poseable tails
  • detailed minifigure true to the character

I hope you like the new minifigure to add to the roster of monsters in this project, thank you for viewing this project and please support.

Now includes bridge


To add to my project a micro bridge for cars to cross and more importantly for Godzilla to smash.

  • has 98 pieces 
  • includes smashing function
  • in shale with the rest of the modal
  • cars can be used on the bridge 
  • realistic bridge design 
  • can easily connect between two modals
  • also includes atomic Godzilla and mini bus

I hope you like the new update so thank you for viewing and please support.