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A while back I tried this idea and it did not work, so now I'm trying it again, but better.

These are playable hand held bugs. You can trade them with friends, play with them, or build your own made up bugs using the pieces in the set.
Small sets would contain one or two bugs for $5.00. There could also be sets with four bugs for $10.00. Each set would contain one or more bugs and a slip of paper that tells some stuff about each bug. Or the bugs could be in mystery packs like the minifighure series.

Here I have a Stink Bug (red), a Bombardier Beetle (blue), a Beetle (black), a Weevil (black), and a Click Beetle.

Here I have a Cricket, a Snail, an Ant (ant is one of my favorites), and a Dragonfly.

Thank you for checking out my idea.