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Friends - Backyard BBQ

Backyard BBQ - Friends collection.

I have put Olivia in here but it could very easily be any of the Friends as Olivia already has a BBQ in her house set.

This prototype includes;
- BBQ with gas bottle and two types of meat.
- Picnic Rug with basket, sauce bottle and plates.
- 2 Minidolls
- Tall palm tree
- Tennis Court with 2 rackets and a ball.

It can be built in around 150 pieces and could retail for $17.95

Below is a view of the back of the set.

With Friends rumoured to take a sport turn in 2013, this set might make an excellent addition as it also promotes sport and outdoor activities.

The BBQ was built with flames under a grill, with the pink car bonnet from the Friends range already available.

The palm tree leaves were pieces from the Ninjago snake motorcycle.

It could also come with a mini trampoline or other backyard structure.

Thank you to any and all supporters of this project!

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