Product Idea

Sheep Chess

This is a Lego chess set with sheep as pieces. Chess is a game of skill and thought, but chess sets can also be used for decoration. This model has about 2900 pieces and  is made with eye for detail and structural toughness, so the pieces can be played with without them falling apart.

The reason I built this was because I have always liked sheep. I once got a game that featured small sheep pieces and I really liked the design, so I based this model on them. Apart from the fact that I like sheep, I also like chess, and although Lego had made chess sets in the past, I never quite liked the design of them. That is why I started designing my own Lego chess sets, and this is the result.

I feel this model would make a good Lego set, because I think it is a set with a broad target group. Both kids and adults will like the cute sheep designs, I think. Also, the pieces are robust so the set can actually be played with. I hope you will all like this model and support it, and maybe this set can become a real Lego set.