Product Idea |

The Skyhopper.


The Skyhopper includes the following:


a. Working Docking System (You can really dock it to another craft made with LEGO).

b. Two functional Airlocks with Hatch and console included.

c. Large Robotic fold-able Ladder.

d. Robotic arms installed in Bay area used for placing Ladder in either of three positions, Resting position folded inside stored, descending mode connected to hatch rear or ramp mode for the robot rovers.

e.Two large Robotic fold-able Landing Legs that fit perfectly inside the bay area, in space those robotic legs can be deployed and used as RMS (Robotic Manipulator System) a camera can be attached to one of its ends to inspect the Skyhopper spacecraft while in space also a end effector connector can be added for installing more nodes/Modules to the The Lunar Orbital Platform – Gateway (LOP-G).

f. Three Robot Miner Rovers are included (Rond-0, Tong-0 and Dong-0) they are capable of performing several task such as mining Moon or Mars surface, take resources as rocks, dust, minerals and turn them into Oxygen, Fuel and Water by working with them at the all in one lab included.

g. The Skyhopper includes the following LEGO mini figures: Skyhopper Commander and pilot Hector Melo (seated surrounded by joysticks). Lt. Jessica Anderson co-pilot (seated next to Skyhopper commander pilot). Colonel Fred Jackson Engineer and mission specialist seated bellow in mid deck.

h. The Skyhopper also includes Solar arrays and a Radar.

i. The RMR (Robot Miner Rovers) serve as self-balancing personal transporter as Segways for the astronauts so they can explore further as if they where riding their own rover on the Moon and also on Mars. 

j. The Space Drone.

k. American Flag.

l. Three Astronauts.

Skyhopper Mission Plan:

1. Skyhopper will be launched with the SLS Block 2 Cargo Rocket into Earth's orbit.
2. The Space gateway will rendezvous with the Skyhopper.
3. The Space gateway with the Skyhopper docked to it will continue its free return orbit between Earth and the Moon.
4. Once the Space gateway orbits near the Moon, the Skyhopper will descend and land on the Moon by using its RL10 thrusters (Just 10% of its whole fuel will be used for that procedure).
5. The Skyhopper mechanism will create the rest of the fuel needed by using its all in one lab (will take Moon's resources and transform them into fuel) robots will perform this task. 
6. The "NASA Lunar Lander" will be launched with the SLS Block 2 Cargo Rocket into Earth's orbit. 
7. Space gateway will rendezvous with the "NASA Lunar Lander" and will dock it at the Docking port B.
8. The Orion spacecraft carrying six astronauts will be launched into Earth's orbit aboard the SLS Block 2 Crew Rocket.
9. Space gateway will rendezvous with the Orion spacecraft and this will dock with the space gateway at the Docking port A.
10. Once Space gateway orbits near the Moon, astronauts will descend to the Moon surface aboard the "NASA Lunar Lander", then will aboard the Skyhopper for launching to Mars.
11. On Oct. 6, 2020 the Skyhopper will land on Mars successfully.

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