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Large Medieval Environment


It has been quite a while since I last built a medieval theme project, so I decided to build this: the largest medieval build I have done yet!

The model is built on a large gray 48x48 stud platform. 

The model has a total of three trees, two buildings, ten minifigures, one horse, and one cow. For this major project, I chose to use a new style for the base of the house, which resulted in a very nice and visually pleasing cobblestone pattern. I also chose to use a lot of my older techniques for some of the landscaping, such as the the water, the bridge, the tree, and even the plant placement. 

I chose to place a lot of the colorful flowers, like the roses, in clumps so that they like like bushes. I have used a variety of colors, plants, rocks, and even the color of the green floor pieces! 

To give the model a natural look, similar to real land, I gave it three main levels of elevation. The main level, towards the front of the model, is the lowest, and that is where the bridge is, along with the main path way. The two upper levels provided a nice place for a waterfall, so that is exactly what I did! To give the appearance of rapids throughout the stream, I placed nice see-through white and blue pieces.


I hope you guys enjoy this project, and thank you for your potential support!


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