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Lego Racing Arcade


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What and where I got the idea from?
One month ago, I was dreaming I was at a arcade place and there was one specific arcade I liked; the racing one. I wanted my dream to come true so I decided to build it out of lego.

About the build
This lego racing arcade is a game where you drive a car and try not to hit the other ones; if you crash into one, you will explode. To get your car back just tilt the arcade. I made this with powerfunctions included. The motor makes the caterpillar where the other vehicules are located rotate. All of the pieces were mine. It is a combination of basic and technic bricks.

The design
As you can see on the left there is a road with a kart driving on it. In the middle there is the screen and behind it is writen F1. On the right it is also writen F1. The steering wheel is a wheel.

How to play
To play you press the button then you put a hand on the steering wheel and you avoid the cars. If you touch one you crash and fall. Tilt the arcade to obtain a new car. You can not use cheat mode (go straight over the other vehicules). It is neither to quick or to slow for everyone to have great fun.

Why I think this will be a super good lego set

I think this will be a great lego set because it is fun to build and fun to play. It also uses new lego technics.

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