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PJ's Workshop

                                                         Welcome to PJ's Workshop!                                                            

    PJ is a very talented athlete, musician and craftsman who recently bought an old building for her new small business. She works in her shop on the ground floor and lives in the two-story apartment above!

    In her workshop, you'll find every tool a craftsman could want; table saw, out feed/assembly table, band saw, drill press, disc sander, miter saw station, dust collector, air hose reel and of course, hand tools. Just outside the shop in a secured area, she has her lumber racks and large air compressor - all well guarded by her pet bulldog. When it's time for a break, PJ likes to sit on the park bench she made and enjoy the wild flowers growing behind her shop. 

     Picking up supplies or dropping off completed projects, like the fireplace she just built, is a breeze thanks to her very capable flatbed truck. Bright red to match her overalls!

    Quitting time already? PJ doesn't have to go far! After locking up her lumberyard and the beautiful solid wood doors she made for her shop, she just has to walk up the stairs to her apartment. The first floor of her home has her kitchen, living room and access to the fire escape. Her eat-in kitchen looks great with the cabinets she built and the artwork she created for the wall. The living room has a couch, sofa table, flat screen TV and gaming console. PJ keeps her snow, skate and surf boards on display in her loving room too - check out those X-Game trophies!! Just out the back door, PJ has access to the fire escape, clothes line and her favorite flowers. 

     Bed time requires a short climb up the ladder in the living room. Her bedroom, once the attic of the building, is now well appointed with a bathroom addition and balcony up front. PJ likes to wind down by shredding on her electric guitar and amp or with mellow chords on her acoustic guitar. 

     As talented as PJ is, she doesn't have time to run and her business and finish renovating her building, that's where Gold Star Paint Pros come to the rescue! The two-man team have already patched and painted the third floor walls. The work went smoothly since they used their tall scaffolding and commercial paint sprayer. Work has begun on the second floor, but it looks like their paint bucket is leaking! Gold Star Paint Pros were able to get all the equipment to the job in their custom retro van. 

          What a valuable addition PJ and Gold Star Paint Pros would make to any LEGO city! 

About me and the set:

     I built this set because I have grown up around carpentry and LEGO my whole life. My dad who can build anything out of wood or metal has passed down some of those skills to me - so I did my best to marry them here. I'm an x-ray tech by profession, and I've been a LEGO fan for over 30 years. I'm also the neighborhood handy man and I really enjoy working with my tools. As of yet, I haven't seen a LEGO set that encompasses the childhood I had; that is to say, being around tools and seeing things made from piles of material. My goal is to change that with this LEGO Idea.

     As an AFOL, I do realize the build techniques I used are not ground-breaking in the slightest, however that was not the intention. I believe kids of all ages will enjoy having PJ design and create items for their LEGO cities. The possibility for imaginative play with this set is literally limitless!

Whatever you dream, PJ can build it!