Product Idea


Take a trip to an alternate past aboard this high-flying vessel! Inspired by steampunk design, this airship features loads of details - both interior and exterior. 

Interior Detail

The bottom cabin of the ship contains Victorian furniture: two tables, a couch, and a lamp. The captain enjoys showing off his treasures and always makes sure that the guests are comfortable! Furthermore, two hatches on either side of the ship open up, allowing passengers to board. A balcony at the stern allows passengers a beautiful view in the skies. Up a staircase and through a hatch, passengers can make their way up to the deck. On this level, the captain's cabin lies at the stern. The captain's cabin, while a little crammed, features two tables and a bed. On one table, he has a map of what he hopes to be a path to a secret treasure. Meanwhile, the other table displays one of his most prized possessions from the surface dwellers: a ship in a bottle!

Exterior Detail

Ornate gold elements decorate the exterior of the ship. Look closely and you'll see saxophone pieces as steam pipes for the back turbines! Other details include usage of the 'hot air balloon' parts as sails and SNOT (studs not on top) construction for the 'wings' and other subassemblies of the ship.


Thanks for checking out this project! Whether as a display piece or playset, this Airship has it all. The stories that can be told through this project are endless. So if you enjoy what you see, make sure to support this project!

Part Count: 2047 parts