Product Idea

Lego Warrior Cats 1: Leader's Den

Here I have the first set in the Lego Warrior Cats series. In this one we have a leader's den with a cat inside*. It is inspired by the original Thunder Clan leader's den but can be adapted to any of your stories. I've added some detail in the entrance, the fern "door". Those are moveable bricks which you can see in the images. If you think I should add anything please tell me in the comments, and also **this is not meant to be Bluestar's den**, it is just a den for any leader so you can make your own clan. You can also change the dens, for example maybe you think the warriors' den fits better as the med. cat's den.

*I would really like it if lego could give cats faces it would make the sets alot better.

The price of this set would probably be ranging from 5 to 7 $ I guess depending on what Lego would decide, because I really don't think it's worth 10 bucks.

There will be more sets in this series for example; the med. cat's den, nursery, warriors' den, elders' den, apprentices' den one of these dens would include the freshkill pile. Other sets would be scenes instead of actual places for example a good one would be; LEGO Warrior Cats Battle for the Sunning Rocks