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The Sphinx


       This is my lego ideas Sphinx. This is the largest model I have ever built on LDD. Inspired by the great Sphinx in Giza, I present my lego version. This set is not minifigure scale. This set, I believe, will make a great display set. I also added a sand yellow border to add to the display value. I believe this set would generally be around the 14+ mark for building difficulty. This set does a use a lot of large pieces even though it was made from 2260 lego bricks. I believe this would make a good set because I think ancient Egyptian  monuments are amazing. I also think they would look great in lego form and I think a lot of other people agree with me. (I apologize about the quality of the face)( better face coming in update soon)

       This does not have any features due to it being meant to be a display set. The model is about 30 inches long, 10 inches wide, and about 12 inches high. This set has an engraved stone in between the front paws. I also added hundreds of tiles to give a more smooth, display-worthy feel.

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