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Stark Tower Model


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 Stark Tower is from the Iron Man movies, and has also appeared in several other shows and movies as well, such as the Avengers (as Avenger's tower), Agents of Shield, and Captain America. 

I am aware that Lego has already put out a set of Stark Tower in the Age of Ultron theme, but I think a more detailed, larger, movie-acurate one would appeal more to the older buyers.

The tricky thing is getting all of the curves and arches right along the left side so that they line up and fit together, and I've had to experiment quite a few ways to do that.

If it should become a set, It should stay close to the 32X32 size so it could fit with the modular buildings.

Lastly, the Minifigures. Tony Stark AKA Iron man would be an obvious choice, also Pepper Potts, and I've chosen the movie suits that were never put into sets; Iron Man mark III (The one from the 1st movie), and  Iron Man mark V (The suitcase-suit from the 2nd movie). Lastly, Whiplash (The enemy from the 2nd movie), because I think he deserves a set.

Also, a mini-scale Stark Jet is featured, and can be displayed with the model.

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