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Men In Black Headquarter Building




Whenever you walk into a room and forget what you wanted to do, there also was an alien in the room. The Men in Black came, defeated the alien and deleted your memories...

This is the headquarter and the main base of the Men In Black.

From the outside, it appears to be just another building, and when you go inside, it still is just another building. It has two large fans and an elevator. Once down the elevator (which you can open from both sides) the real headquarter is shown. It has a futuristic look, with high walls, and advanced technology. Here you can find the big screen, some workes (with their desks) and some workers that will help the aliens to get a new identity. There is also a room for the weapons. Above everything is the office of "Z", the big boss. On the otherside of Zed´s office is the breakroom/kitchen with the worms.

If you take the elevator to the next level, you find another breakroom and a conference room.

At the top of the building is a changing room and a room with secret documents.


Thank you for looking at my project (and hopefully for your support) I hope you like this project! :-)


Have a nice day!

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