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Classic Australian Road Train


Presenting my classic Australian Road Train

Who doesn't love big trucks. As a truckie myself, I encounter countless kids on the road side gesturing for passing trucks to honk their air horns. They get a great kick out it, but unfortunately most kids don't get to ride in the big bangers, so why not bring the trucks to their lounge rooms in the form of lego, and encourage their imaginations to run wild.

This is a typical A-Bdouble Road Train found cruising the outback roads of Australia. It comprises three end tipping trailers that can be used in multiple configurations as you can see by the photos. The front two trailers are a B-double combination, and are connected to a third trailer via a converter dolly. All trailers have swinging tailgates and landing legs to enable them to be free standing when not in use.

The prime mover is a beauty, complete with opening bonnet, a tilting bull bar and tool boxes behind the fuel tanks. Plenty of lights have been fitted to light up the darkest of nights, and a spacious sleeper cabin for those long trips away from home. A number of aerials have been fitted to operate on board communication devices as well as the TV/DVD player and stereo. One tool boxes had a generator inside to run the microwave oven and any other electrical equipment you might need. The roof also opens for ease of play.

Overall length is 93cm and all lego pieces have come from existing sets .

Thanks for your support, hope you enjoy my project.

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